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Hooping is an AMAZING workout!

Looking to have fun AND break a sweat? Hooping is a happy, healthy investment in the quality of your life!

Bring a hoop or borrow ours. All skill levels welcome. Even if you have never hooped before, come play. You’ll have fun. Come see for yourself. And if you have hooped before and you want to learn new things, we promise that will happen too. Come play.

We’ll be working our core while reliving our childhood playground days! Hooping is a low impact way to build cardiovascular endurance while strengthening your core muscles.

First time? No problem! Hoops (and giggles) will be provided!

These are not the little hula hoops you spun when you were 5!  With bigger, heavier and grippier hoops custom made for adult fitness, you’ll learn not only to keep the hoop spinning, but to move it up, down and twirl it around.  With a focus on body awareness and pure fun, you will be laughing and loving getting your body moving.  This class will show you how dance and movement can be exercise without being a chore. 


Why Hooping?

*It’s a full body toning aerobic workout! See your abs, arms, buns and legs benefit.
*It strengthens the entire core, many students report relief from back pain!
*It’s a no-low impact workout. Great if you have joint pain!
*It’s a fitness activity for all ages and a wonderful thing to share with your family and friends!
*It naturally lifts your spirits. It’s not uncommon to hear students express how happy they feel when playing with the hoop regularly…it is a unique avenue to self-discovery through meditative movement and flow!
*It’s FUN!

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